23 Sept 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips!

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As you all probably know these products have been around in America for a while and I've read many a blog where they are raved about and I have not heard a bad word said about them! Therefore when I heard that Baby Lips were being released in the UK I was over the moon!

There are six different balms, three that are tinted and three that are colourless but each have a different formula. As you can see above I have four of them, the colour ones and one of the colourless ones. The three colours are a bright pink, called Pink Punch, a red called Cherry Me and a peachy nude colour called Peach Kiss, out of the three the red one is definitely my favourite because the colour actually stands out compared to the peachy nude one where the colour isn't that pigmented. Here is what the swatches look like, the first one being the Pink Punch, the second being Cherry Me and the last one being Peach Kiss.

They are all extremely moisturising and most of them hold their colour for a long time as well, therefore if you are looking for an lip product that doesn't dry your lips out these are definitely something you should look into! The are so worth their price as they retail at £2.99 in Boots, which in my opinion is a absolute steal!

As always thank you for reading my blog post, I hope you enjoyed it! If there is anything you want to see on here please just let me know and I will try my best!



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