21 Sept 2013

My New Room | Moving to Bournemouth

Hello Lovelies. Welcome back to Beautiful You!

So as many of you know this weekend, the 14th and 15th of September, I moved in to my university halls in Bournemouth. And as I said before in my goodbyes post, I was very nervous about moving in, but when I did I was surprised at how nice and welcoming everyone was. I know people always go on about how they have to be nice to make friends but they all seem like genuinely lovely people that I think will make this year a really good one!

So I arrive in Bournemouth on Friday night, as we were staying in a friend's flat for the evening so I didn't have to drive down early on Saturday morning, after a big ordeal! We left home in Swindon and set off, half way into the journey I realised that I had left my handbag at home that had all the details that I needed to be able to move into my halls with, so my not so impressed step-dad had to turn around and drive all the way home to get it while me and my mum drove on (yes we needed two cars to take all my stuff down)! But eventually we made it and we went to the Spyglass and Kettle for some much needed dinner. After, we finally made our way to the flat and settled in! After a hell of a car journey my step-dad and my sister also arrived and they were not happy with me to say the least but it was our last night together so they let me off.

After a night of not so much sleep because of how nervous I was, we made sure everything was in the car and made our way to our halls, which was about five minutes away. We arrived and made our way to where we had to pick up my keys to my room and a rep showed me up! Our flat is on the fourth floor, which is kind of annoying when you have shopping to carry or you're tired, but you've got to see a plus side as you're getting the exercise! So we get into my room which is right at the end of the corridor and start moving in! It didn't take as long as we thought but this is the final result!

I wanted to make it as homely as possible, so I had my pictures around my notice board and my bits and pieces from home above my bed! I also needed to have bright duvet covers because having white walls and not being able to put anything up isn't the best so I needed to make it colourful and that's one of the only ways. But I am very happy with the way it turned out and I have settled in this past week, along with having lectures and seminars. I have really enjoyed the first week of freshers!

Thank you for reading this post and let me know if there is anything you would like to see on here and I will try my best!



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  1. I believe you did a wonderful job making your new place as 'homely' as possible, Megan! With all your stuff placed, you still have enough room to do some activities like exercise or dance. Space is very important in a room since you wouldn't want to feel cramped in a small place and not be able to relax. Good luck in future endeavors!

    Ryann Hoyer @ Yancey Company

    1. Thank you very much, that means a lot coming from someone like you! Thank you for the well wishes to, hope you enjoyed reading my blog!