22 Nov 2013

Christmas has hit Flat 41!

Hello Lovelies. Welcome back to Beautiful You!

As you can probably guess I am really excited for Christmas and I know that it isn't even December yet but we decided to put our Christmas Tree up in our flat early! We did it because 1) we all leave to go home on the 13th and we wanted it up for a while and 2) we were too excited!! 

I thought that I would share with you what out flat now looks like, yes there are some pictures of us in our Christmas jumpers! We bought the tree from Wilkinsons for £20 and then all of the decorations are from there too, except from the individual ones and the star which were all from Asda! Oh and the count down was from a little stall in the Swindon Outlet Village for £5.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and seeing how we decorated out flat! There are many more Christmas themed posts coming up so look out for them! I will also be posting a foundation review within the next week so keep an eye out for that too! Let me know if there is anything that you would like to see on here and as always I will try my best!


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