12 Nov 2013

Tune Tuesday #7 | The Saturdays – Disco Love

Hello Lovelies. Welcome back to Beautiful You.

This is going to be a shock for many of you because my tune Tuesday this week doesn't go to a boy band!!! It goes to the one and only The Saturdays and I have been really behind with new music recently and I don’t know how long this song has been out but I have been loving it recently and I listened to it just a few times when I was on the train home last week!

Now I am no stranger to The Saturdays as I have been to see them twice in concert and they were as you can imagine AMAZING and I wouldn't hesitate to go and see them again if I got the chance.

But there you are that is the song that I have been loving this week and if you do like this song then do go and check out the rest of their songs because they are just as good! Let me know if toy do check it out and if you enjoy it!

As always let me know if there have been any particular song/albums that you have been loving recently and want me to check out! Or if there is anything else you would like to see on here and I will try my best to get it up!



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