16 Dec 2013

Home for Christmas | Decorations!

Hello Lovelies. Welcome back to Beautiful You!

I am now back at home for Christmas and my house is now fully decorated for Christmas and I could not be more excited for the actual day to come; I'm such a big kid! What makes this year even better is the fact that we have someone younger coming for Christmas which gives me an excuse to get up at a ridiculous hour of the morning!

As our lounge has a pink theme, my mum has always decorated our tree with bright white lights, beaded garlands and purple and pink decorations with a white snowflake on top; this was a recent addition last year! It always looks so perfect like its been taken from a shop display or something, I have taken a picture of it and some of my favourite decorations. 

Our Mickey Mouse Bauble
Our Butterfly Decoration
Glass Glittery Bauble
An Apple Decorations
Since we moved house 7 years ago and we have had a mantle piece my mum has decorated that too. We have a tree garland that we add lights too, we then drape some gold beads over and add some baubles to top it off! My mum made it a little different this year with hanging our stocking in the middle and having loads of candles on the bottom. Oh and don't worry the fire doesn't work so nothing is going to catch fire!

We also have a tree garland wrapped around our banister downstairs with some angel light hanging off, these have been going for years but they still look so cute! My mum cannot resist getting new things each year so this year we were shopping one weekend while I was a home and we found these countdown to Christmas decorations so that takes pride of place on the draws. This is placed alongside the new candle holder that my family bought whilst visiting me in Bournemouth at the Christmas Market. The snowmans have been in our Christmas collection for a while and we have never had anywhere to put them so they are no on top of the draws as well!

I hope you enjoyed seeing how Christmas has taken over my house, I will be putting up a post with how I have decorate my room soon! I have recently bought some new makeup and beauty items which I shall feature soon! Thank you for reading this and let me know how you have decorated your houses in the comments below!

Merry Christmas


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