30 Dec 2013

What I Got For Christmas | 2013!

Hello Lovelies. Welcome back to Beautiful You!

As this is the first year I have been on blogger I thought that I would start a tradition that every year I would share with you guys what I got for Christmas! I'll put the disclaimer in now, this may seem like I have been a bit spoilt this year but this is from my whole family and that includes my stepdads side, as you will see my family does like to go all out at Christmas! I am in no way bragging about what I got, I just wanted to share it with you all. I have not been paid or been told to say any of this, these were all presents and I am very thankful for everything! If there is anything that you would like me to review then please let me know! 

Every year my mum does each girl (me, my sister, my step sister and this year she did one for my step brothers wife) a stocking with all of the little things in that you hate spending money on, like cotton pads and body lotion! So this year was no different as we got a Hand Maid sanitiser, Hand Food cream and mist You Madly body spray from Soap and Glory, a mini Batiste dry shampoo and a new Maybelline Babylips. All of my minis had recently ran out and you can never have too many, pop them in your handbag and your sorted! The Jack Wills make up bag was from my sister, I have been looking for a new one for ages but this is perfect; she knows me too well!

Also in my stocking mum bought me a new bottle of Bioderma. I was coming close to running out and this is the best stuff ever, I have been trying out an alternative but it just really doesn't come close at all.  If you have read my night time skin care routine post them you will know that I love this stuff, the Botanics rose water spray so I was pleased to get a back up of that! I have been telling my mum that I have been wanting to try out a new eye makeup remover for ages and I just couldn't find the right one;  she bought me The Body Shop camomile gentle eye make up remover for me to try and I have to say so far I am loving it! Also I have been wanting to get into using a cleansing balm to wash my face so my mum bought me The Body Shop camomile sumptuous cleansing butter and two face cloths to use it with and again this is heavenly! Lastly in is picture is another Origins spot on gel which is a staple product in my skin care and is amazing for reducing redness and inflammation around spots.

Another amazing thing that my mum put in my stockings was this set of Real Techniques eye brushes. I have the set of face brushes and a beauty blender and I love them and I have been wanting these for ages. Real Techniques are the best brushes ever and you cannot find anything better, they are so soft and they make it ten times easier to blend your makeup, I can do a review if anyone would like! Also you should check out the lady that makes the Sam Chapman, I will link her and her sister's YouTube channel here!

Every year my mum asks us to choose a palette that we would like in our stockings and this year I chose the Urban Decay a Shattered Face Case, as you can see it has two layers. The eyes on the top with five different shades and an eyeliner and then on the bottom it has two blushes, a highlighter and a lip stain. Both layers have a mirror on them which I think is really good because you don't have yo keep switching so you have a mirror! It does retail for £30 which is a bit on the expensive side but it is really worth it considering the quality of their palettes! 

When I opened this present I almost died, I have been wanting a M.A.C pro palette for a long time and my sister was the best sister ever and bought me one! She bought the casing, the insert for the blushes and my favourite all time M.A.C blusher to go in it, Peaches! I cannot wait to fill this up I have already bought another blusher to go in it, spending my Christmas money wisely! 

I have also been wanting to try out a curling wand but I didn't really know anything about them so I just asked my step brothers wife for one for Christmas not thinking that I'd get one because they can be expensive. However, I opened these up on Christmas Day and I was literally extatic, never in a million years did I think I'd get them, this one is the Remington Pearl CI95 Curling Wand. I have tried them out once and even though my hair is really long and thick it curled it fantastically. If you would like a review then comment below and I can make a separate blog post on it!

Another little thing that was in my stocking this year was a furry hot water bottle, I have a big one at home and I didn't take it to uni but this one is definitely coming back to uni with me, it is freezing in my room in the winter! 

My step sister came on Boxing Day and she bought me a Ted Baker gift set, it has a body spray in which I love the smell of, a body soufflé, a bath foam and a body wash. Seen as I don't have a bath at uni I don't think I'm going to use that but all the rest will come in handy, like I said you can never have too many minis!

As you all know I am obsessed with Yankee Candles and this Christmas didn't disappoint. My grandad and his wife came down on the 28th and as they had contributed to my main present that just bought me a few little things. Firstly was the Snowflake Cookie small jar candle, it is described on the website as being a 'perfectly pretty holiday cookies, deliciously decorated with sugary pink icing' and a Cath Kidston Christmas mug which I saw in the John Lewis sale and I wanted it so badly, I did make my day when I opened it!

Again as you all know I am obsessed with the author John Green at the moment and I have all of his books apart from this one and my lovely mum put this in my stocking as well! I cannot wait to start reading it, I have to finish my other two first, whoops! If you would like to check out some reviews of his books I have some on my blog, the first one of Paper Towns here and the second of Let It Snow here

I saw this notepad in Ted Baker quite a while ago and I literally fell in love with it, it us just a plain black notepad with 'Hopes, Dreams, Quips and Scribbles' embossed in gold on the front. I have been wanting a smart notepad to write down all my ideas for my blog in for a while because I always think of new ideas and when it comes to needing them I can never remember; this was an excellent present! Also whilst I was in Ted Baker I fell in love with this wash bag too, it is mint green with little French bulldogs all over it, could it get any cuter?!

As I said previously I love Soap and Glory especially their body lotions, they always smell amazing! I opened this in my stocking and although it is a different smell than what I use currently I am really looking forward to trying it out! I also got a new body wash from my step brother and his wife, this is the Peach scent from The Body Shop and it smells amazing, if you haven't been to The Body Shop I recommend you take a trip! 

In our stocking every year my mum always puts a packet of nail files and last year she put these Models Own ones on in and now I would never uses anything else. I know many of you would say that all nail files were the same but these are a must have! Then in my stocking this year I also got a facial massager from The Body Shop, my mum bought these of a recommendation from Caroline Hirons blog, I will link it here for you to check out. I have yet to try mine out and I am a bit sceptical but we shall see how it goes!

This was such a thoughtful gift from my mum, at uni I don't have any way of playing my music out loud apart from on my laptop and my phone. Firstly it can be a bit of a faf to just turn my laptop on to listen to music and on my phone it doesn't really play loud enough. However I now have this, it is called a Sound Square and it is made by Juice and is a wireless speaker for any device that can connect via Bluetooth. We tried it out on Christmas Day from my iPad and we were all amazed by not only the quality but the volume of the tracks, it was outstanding. If you need a speaker system and don't want it to be too big and bulgy this is definitely something to check out,  it comes in many different colours and I will leave the link here.

Who doesn't get at least one CD for Christmas? As some of you may know I have been obsessed with Little Mix' song Move so I asked for their album 'Salute' for Christmas. I haven't yet listened to it but if the rest of the album is anything like that song I know it's going to be good. I also got The Wanted's album 'Word of Mouth' as I am going to see them in March and I don't know any of their latest music. The last CD I got was 'Prism' by Kath Perry, now this isn't a CD that I would go out and buy myself but I am hoping that I'm going to be surprised by the songs, hopefully I will start to like her again!

If you have read my Christmas OOTD post then you will know about this watch, if you haven't I will like the post here and you can go and have a read about the watch.

You cannot beat socks at Christmas, every year I get a pack of socks from Next. I particularly like my mums choice this year as she know that I love floral print so these were perfect, sorry there's re two missing I needed them to keep my feet warm; one pair was purple and the other was grey!

Now my obsession for One Direction isn't something that I hide and all of these presents put a massive smile of my face! I have been wanting the perfume for ages, not only because it is One Direction's perfume but because it has quite a similar smell to Ralph Lauren #2 which is my favourite perfume but does come with quite a significant price tag compared to One Direction's! The little Harry Styles keying was a bit of a joke present because I've been telling my sister that I have wanted one for ages so she got me one and it did make me chuckle on Christmas Day. I also got One Direction's 'Where We Are' book, I was surprised when I opened this because I hadn't mentioned it to my sister at all and I wasn't very interested in getting it either. However, now that I have it and have read a bit of it, I am very pleased I have it not going to lie it is a good read!

The next present I got is called a 'Pot of Dreams' these are money boxes in which you put £2 coins and then when they are full they hold £1,000. And my mum knows me so well as not only will this got with my room at home it will also go with my room at uni! On the back of mine it has a quote which reads 'a money pot for hopes and schemes, to help you save for all your dreams!' Which I think is the cutest quote ever and is very inspiring to save money. I am going to try and save this up for when we potential are going to New York so that I can have some spending money to take with me, My mum and step dad have had one of these for ages and there is a lot of money in theirs!

Every year I get a calendar it is kind of a tradition in out family. This year I got the same one as I did last year, it is called Life is Sweet. On the back it says 'Artist Jen Skelly finds joy in the simplest pleasures of everyday life, and expresses that joy in her whimsical illustrations. In this calendar, she lets colourful drawings and cheerful words of inspiration and encouragement combine to show you the many way that Life is Sweet

Having a new iPad meant that I would need a case, especially if your as clumsy as I am. When I opened this Jack Wills one from my sister I was over the moon, it is just what I wanted!

Now for my pride and joy, my new iPad Air!! I have wanted one of these for sooo long and I though that I would ask to have it for Christmas! It is the 16GB iPad Air in silver/white and I couldn't be happier with it, I can now do everything that I want without having to carry my laptop around! I can even blog from it which is exactly what I'm doing now! If anyone wants a review or a what's on my iPad blog post, just let me know and I can make that happen!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and you got everything you wanted! Like I have said many a time in this post, if there is anything that you want me to review or use in a separate blog post don't hesitate to let me know and I will try and make it happen! Here's to the new year on Beautiful You!


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