24 Dec 2013

Yankee Candle | Christmas Scents!

Hello Lovelies. Welcome back to Beautiful You!

I have been wanting to buy these for ages and I finally gave in and bought them, I really shouldn't have but it's Christmas and if you can't do it then when can you?!

I bought three small ones because although I wanted a big one I couldn't decide which scent to go therefore I just bought them all in the small pots and because I'm not at home all the time they will last extra long! I'm not into the spicy Christmas scents and as we don't have a real tree I'm not really into the pine smelling candles either. That is why Yankee Candle is the best because not only do they do those types of candles but they also have sweet smelling Christmas scents which is more to my liking!

The first thing I have to say is that Yankee Candle had won me over before I'd even smelt the candles, look at their Christmas bags; I am a sucker for a really good bag!

The three that I bought were Merry Marshmallow, Christmas Eve and Christmas Cookie. Merry Marshmallow is described on their website here, as "a delightfully juscious and creamy soft concoction of marshmallow and vanilla". I'm not the biggest fan of marshmallows when given the choice to eat them but this smells heavenly and I cannot wait to burn it in my room!

 Christmas Eve is described on there as a "Traditional Christmas scents of a warm hearth, sugared plums, and candied fruits". I bought this one because I want to make it a tradition in my house that we burn this every Christmas Eve and I couldn't get a bigger size so we thought that we would start of small!

And the latter, Christmas Cookie is described to be a "Buttery rich, vanilla scented, holiday sugar cookies". I love the scent Vanilla Cupcake and Snowflake Cookie from them as well and when I smelt this I just had to have it, its to die for!

Thank you for reading my blog post and I hope you liked getting an insight into the Christmas scents at Yankee Candle! I have lots of blog posts coming up over the next week so keep your eyes peeled! 

Merry Christmas and I hope you all have an amazing day tomorrow!


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  1. Christmas Cookie is SO nice :) lovely blog

    love G

    1. It is sooo amazing! Thank you lovely! x