15 Jan 2014

Current Obsession | Lucy&Lydia's YouTube Channel

Hello Lovelies. Welcome back to Beautiful You! 

I have been obsessing over something recently and I needed to share it with you all! As some of you may know, if you have read my post about Summer in the City (here), that I am an avid watcher of beauty gurus on YouTube and many other channels and I came across this one channel recently and now I have watched all of their videos (at least once, if not twice; whoops!)

Their YouTube channel is called Lucy&Lydia and I shall link it here, you all should go and check them out because they are amazing! They are identical twins called Lucy and Lydia, they have been on YouTube since February of last year and they have just reached 10,000 subscribers. Their videos vary from tutorials to favorites just like any other beauty gurus but I just don't know what it is about their videos but I love them. They are hilarious and there isn't one video I can watch without laughing, especially the little bloopers that they leave in there. I think the reason why I like them so much is because they remind me of me and my sister and I wish my sister would start a YouTube Channel with me but that isn't going to happen! 

Anyway, I hope you all go and check them out as they are such lovely girls too; I will also link all their social media at the bottom too! I think I may also make this 'Current Obsessions' a fortnightly segment on here as I rather enjoyed sharing this with you! If you would like to see more make sure that you follow my blog on any of the links on the side! Thank you for reading, as always, see you soon!


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