19 Feb 2014

6 Months of Blogging!!

Hello Lovelies. Welcome back to Beautiful You!

So on the 5th of March my blog will be 6 months old! I cannot believe how fast this time has gone considering I started my blog just before I went to uni and I have now completed my first semester!! I know bloggers wouldn't normally celebrate little milestones like this but I have always been one for not sticking to things so this is a big deal for me. I love my blog and everything that has come from blogging!

To celebrate this I thought that I would do an entire week of blog posts starting on the 23th of February; have some friends helping me out and I will be posting Monday through to Sunday! The posts will range from fashion to beauty to decor posts so there will definitely be something that everyone will like. I'm not going to tell you specifically what the post are going to be but what I will say is that they are all Spring orientated which is perfect as it is soon approaching!
I am really exciting about having new people to help make the content on here a bit better and to just have something different on here for a week! So keep your eyes peeled next week as there will be a new blog post everyday at 6:30pm or as close to that as I can considering I do go to uni most days! I hope you guys like what is to come and will celebrate this mile stone with me! 


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