12 Feb 2014

A Genius Product | Airsafe Carryon!

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I am going to be doing something slightly different today, I've never done anything like this before! However, recently a company had followed me on twitter and I thought nothing of it but then I actually went on to their account and their product idea is complete genius in my opinion! So I sent a sneaky DM to them telling how much I liked their product idea and that I would like to do a feature of it on my blog, so that't what I am doing!

'Airsafe Carryon' is a product that is designed to make travelling with liquids significantly easier whilst still being safe and non-toxic. Now if you have been on long haul flights or any flights really you will know that it can take its toll on you skin and therefore having these products in your hand luggage is a must. Also only travelling with hand luggage is becoming more and more popular therefore having an efficient way to pack your toiletries is a essential!

When you purchase the product not only does it come with the seven pots , which are water tight and made of a special plastic that is BPH free and is dishwasher safe, but you get the outer casing complete with a mirror and a sleeve to keep the compact in.

These product has just been launched onto a kickstarter.com campaign to raise funds to be able to bring it onto the market. Francine Weinberg (inventor and founder of Airsafe Carryon) says in her press release that she 'is determined to bring her advocacy to the public safety, convenience and style by inviting contributors to be part of her"The Evolution of Travel" movement'. The solid colours will retail for $59.95 and the printed designs will retail for $84.00 and the will ship worldwide!

Press Release Video
I for one think that this is an amazing product and I may even have to invest in one before I go to New York in October. There is nothing like it in the market and I think it would meet the needs or some many business people or just general jet setters that need a safe way to travel with liquids!

Here is the link to their Kickstarters campaign, go over and show them some support!

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