5 Feb 2014

Rebecca's Birthday | Frieda's Tearoom!

Hello Lovelies. Welcome back to Beautiful You!

As this week it is two of my flat mate's birthdays and we decided to all celebrate together! As another one of my flat mates is going on holiday today we had to do it early and we decided to go for lunch in Frieda's Tearoom in Bournemouth, I shall link their website here. It is a family run business just a short walk away from our accommodation and is incredibly good value for money. It is the perfect setting for lunch with the ornate teapots and bunting hung around, it was too cute!

Now we wouldn't normally go out for lunch but as it was a special occasion we thought why not! I chose to have a Strawberry & Raspberry Smoothie and a Chicken BLT with chips, it was so yummy! Don't worry there was more chips than that, they just hadn't arrived yet!

My flat mate Emily had the most amazing Mint Hot Chocolate with marshmallow and maltesers and I am a sucker for nice mugs, how cute is this?!

After we had all finished we came back to the flat to do presents as Matt wanted to do them today so he could see Rebecca open them! She had been saying to me for a long time that she wanted her room at uni to look a bit more homely and whenever she comes into my room there is always something that she likes. Therefore we all clubbed together to buy her some home decor bits and bobs for her room. We bought her some flower fairy lights, some cute storage boxes, a garland to hang photos off, some instagram photos, a set of three vases and some fake flowers! 

We are also going out tomorrow night to Pizza Express to celebrate them both with some other friends from across the hall and from their courses which should be good! You should all go over to her twitter, I shall link here, and wish her a Happy Birthday tomorrow. I'm sure she will love me for saying that, you should also go and have a look at her amazing book blog (which makes me spend so much money) & I shall link that here too! I think that is it for today and I shall see you all on Friday!


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