3 Feb 2014

Revlon Lip Butters | My Collection

Hello Lovelies. Welcome back to Beautiful You!

As so many of you like my previous blog post on my current obsession I thought that I would share with you my entire collection of Revlon Lip Butters. For me these lip products are the best because not only do they provide colour but they also hydrate your lips which is always a winner! I have seven of them and I love every single one, the colour pay off is remarkable.

The ones I have are (in the order of the picture):
Candy Apple
Sweet Tart
Peach Parfait
Juicy Papaya
Cotton Candy

As I said I wanted to get a range of colours, Candy Apple is a red (although it doesn't look it in the picture) and I always find it hard to wear red lipsticks as I find they can dry out on your lips quite quickly which is something you don't get with this formula which I absolutely love!

It has to be said, recently I have been loving a peach cheek and an orange lip, its my favourite colour what can I say? Therefore I bought two orange shades, obviously one shade wasn't enough. The two I got were Peach Parfait and Juicy Papaya, the latter of the two is the brightest and I am in love with it; definitely my go to lip product of the moment, in fact I am wearing it as I write this!

Then I bought a few pinky shades, Lollipop, Cotton Candy and Sweet Tart. Now you all know how much I love Sweet Tart so I won't go on about that one. However I have had Cotton Candy for ages, it is a simple baby pink shade that works with everything and is so easy to just quickly apply if your in a rush and you can't decide which one to use! The last one in my collection is Provocative, this is slightly different and has only recently been on the market. When in the packaging the product looks purple however, when applied to the lips it is a clear balm with blue speckles in it which are used to make your teeth appear whiter. Now I am a girl that likes a bit of colour on the lips so I have yet to try this, but when I do I shall let you know!

I have swatches of them all which I shall put below so that you can see what they would look like on, I know you can get a proper judgement but I will put it in just in case! 

I hope you enjoyed seeing my collection of these products and maybe it has made you want to go out and buy a few. If you live in the UK I think in Boots they are currently running a 3 for 2 on all Revlon products but I'm not 100%, but go and see and grab yourself a bargain as they usually retail for £7.99 each! 

I have recently devised a schedule for my blog now so that I can make a plan of what I want to post each month and then stick to it so this area will become bit more organised and I can schedule it around studying. I will be posting Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, still with the normal content just a bit more structured! See you guys on Wednesday!


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