14 Feb 2014

Valentines Day | Blog Collaboration with the Scosh Girls!

Hello Lovelies. Welcome back to Beautiful You! 

Today's post is going to be slightly different as I am participating in a blog colab for valentines day, here is Jamie and Abbie's post on the outfits! Head on over to their blog here to see make-up look that I created!

For the day time outfit we went for a black and white look! This is classy and yet casual. The ‘skort’ adds a flirty element to the outfit and the coat, which we absolutely love, is a great addition to the outfit for the colder weather. We love this black bag as well. Great for a date as it is big enough to stock your whole make up bag in to touch up during the day haha. The splash of red on the bracelet is another flirty touch (and we thought it was really cute!) This outfit is perfect for going out for a nice meal or meeting for a coffee. We both agreed we would out tights with this. Don’t want to be revealing too much leg on the first date haha! Also, if where you live is anywhere like here, it will be bloody freezing!

For the night time look we couldn't resist the little black dress! This is a cute strapless number and we have put this with gold accessories to add a sophisticated element to the outfit! The charm bracelet is a great touch and with the Eiffel Tower charm it could be a subtle hint of where he could take you next Valentine’s Day haha! Just make sure you can walk in shoes of this height. If you fall over and spill your drink all over him going to Paris might be a bit of long shot. This would be great for going out for drinks or going to a party in the evening.

For my valentine date I am meeting Jess. Not exactly the romantic occasion I was hoping for! :P Abbie on the other hand as a hot date.. oh wait, no she doesn't.. she is meeting her friend and going to the cinema. The exciting lives we lead. We decided we were going to add a bit about our ideal valentines date but neither of us could think of anything and, considering our current position, we can’t afford to be fussy haha!

What is your idea of ‘the perfect date?

Jamie and Abbie xx 

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