7 Mar 2014

Drugstore Matte Powders | Rimmel, Miss Sporty & Seventeen!

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Recently I haven't been getting on with my beloved Rimmel Stay Matte powder and I wanted to try some other out to see how they compared to it, so I thought that I would share my opinions with you all! 

The three powders that I am comparing are Rimmel's Stay Matte Powder, Miss Sporty's So Matte Perfect Stay Powder and lastly Seventeen's Miracle Matte Pressed Powder and I purchased the Rimmel and Seventeen in Boots and then the Miss Sporty one was purchased from Superdrug, I will leave links to them all at the end of this post!

Sorry it's not new, you'll understand when you read below!
Rimmel's Stay Matte Powder
Rimmel's Stay Matte; this product is raved about so much in the beauty blogger community but recently it hasn't been working as well for me. It claims to have up to 5 hours natural shine control and to help minimise the appearance of pores. For me this isn't the case recently as it has started to become really powdery and doesn't really have any substance to it which then makes my face look chalky and really dry which I really don't want out of a powder. I haven't changed my foundation or anything like that which is why it really puzzled me why the product just stopped working for me! 

Miss Sporty's So Matte Perfect Stay Powder
I always used to use this brand when I was younger which is why I never think to try it out now. However, I have recently done a collaboration with a YouTuber and we filmed a 'How To Get A Look' video but we did it with a budget of £20 so we picked this up to give it a try. I will link the video here and the blog post here for you to have a look at! It is safe to say that I am quite glad we did, this powder (unlike Rimmel's) has more of a foamy consistency, as I say that loosely, as you its not bubbly or anything as it is a pressed powder but it has more of a substance than the Stay Matte Powder. It has a very smooth application and the only thing I would say is that we bought it in the shade 001 Light and it is a bit dark for me but I skip the bronzer stage and just blend it really well and it looks fine in my opinion! I am very impressed with this product and I would not hesitate to re-purchase this gem!

Seventeen Miracle Matte Pressed Powder
Last but no means least, Seventeen's Powder. I did buy this products due to a recommendation from my friend Frankie and she studies Media Make-up so I definitely trust her. Again it has the same consistency as the Miss Sporty powder which is brilliant and it claims to provide a matte flawless finish for up to 16 hours and provides shine control. Now I haven't timed it or anything to see if this is actually true but I wore this to uni on a day where I was in from 9 until 3 which is a long day for me and wearing this over the top of my current foundation (Revlon Colour Stay) lasted so well, I did reapply once when I can home in my break but that is it! The one advantage it has over the Miss Sporty powder is that the colour is a better match for my skin for me to then go on and use a bronzer to warm up my face, but it depends on what you like doing! Again, I would highly recommend these as being alternatives to the Rimmel Stay Matte powder!

Where you can buy them:
Rimmel - £3.99
Seventeen - £3.99

Rimmel - £3.99
Miss Sporty - £1.99

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you are like me not getting on with the Rimmel powder, let me know if there are any you have tried or if you are going to try any of these! Don't forget to enter my giveaway that I am running to be in with a chance of winning Coral Bliss Mac Lipstick, I will link the blog post here so you can see what you have to do to enter!


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