12 May 2014

Boohoo Colab | My Floral Style!

Hello Lovelies. Welcome back to Beautiful You!

I was recently emailed by Boohoo to get involved with a collaboration that they are currently running called 'My Floral Style' which is inspired by the Chelsea Flower Show coming up later in the month. As I have been loving floral so much recently I thought why not, so that is what today's post is about!

I am going to show you a floral mood board and then talk about how I would wear the specific item, how to accessories it, what I would wear it with and to what occasion I would wear it! I hope you enjoy this post and I will leave a link to their website and each individual item in the post so you can access it easily! 

1. The Jumpsuit- as this already comes with the belt which is perfect, I would wear that and then I would either pair it with some wedges either black or a nude colour so it doesn't take the statement away from the jumpsuit. I have never been brave enough to even try on a jumpsuit but this summer I plan to be more experimental with what I wear so who knows, this could be the year! I would wear this outfit to an event or going out to dinner with friends or family or even on a date as it looks classy but fun at the same time. You can find it here!

2. The Skater Skirt- I fell in love with this when I saw it because although I am a lover of bright colours sometimes in the UK the weather isn't nice enough to wear a skirt on its own so the fact that it has black undertones makes it easier to wear tights which is fantastic. I would pair this with either a simple black, blue, pink or yellow t-shirt as that is a nice way to tie in all the colours. This would look super cute at a festival or just a day out in the summer when you just want to add a splash of colour to your outfit, you can find it here!

3. The Shorts- I am thinking of buying these because I love them so much and the fact that they are quite floaty would really suit my body shape more than tailored shorts. I think these would look lovely with a detailed cut out white top and a nice pair of sandles in the summer, I would love this outfit as I am a huge fan of daisies at the moment! You can find them here.

1. The Kimono- if you know me then you will know how much of a lover I am of these. I think they make a really simple outfit look so put together and they are amazing when you don't want a heavy cardigan on but you want to cover your arms, which I do a lot! This one has a lot of colours that can easily be tied in together by switching up the plain t-shirt underneath, then by adding a pair of denim shorts or jeans you have a really simple but pulled together outfit, you can find it here!

2. Sleeveless Dress- I am a huge lover of orange but I know that some people aren't but I think that this is a subtle way to incorporate brighter colours without it being too in your face. I think this dress would look so lovely with some white wedges sandles and a simple denim jacket in the summer for an day out or lunch with friends but can also be dressed up for a evening occasion with a white leather jacket or something similar. You can find it here!

3. Blue Floral Blazer- I think blazers are such an amazing way to make an outfit look put together, wearing a simple t-shirt and jeans looks nice but if you add a patterned blazer I think it pulls the whole outfit together and adds edge to the outfit! I would wear this with a plain white top and blue skinny jeans or a midi skirt and some neutral or blue sandles! This would be perfect for when it gets colder in the evenings and you don't want to wear a heavy dark jacket, you can just top an outfit off with this! You can find it here.

4. Floral Swing Dress- Swing dresses are everywhere at the moment and I am really loving them because being slightly curvier I don't tend to wear bodycon dresses or other styles of dresses but swing dresses are perfect. They cover up everything without being tight so they are extremely comfortable. Something that I particularly like about this one is the long sleeves, I hate my arms so much and always cover them up when I can so this is brilliant! I think this would be lovely for an evening out as again having the long sleeves you wouldn't need a jacket which is great! You can find it here.

I hope you enjoyed this collaboration, I have left the link to Boohoo above so you can go and check everything else out! They also have 10% student discount so if you have UniDays then you can get some money off your order! I thoroughly enjoyed this collaboration with Boohoo and you all should go and follow them on twitter and check out all their lovely clothes! 

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  1. The first skirt is so beautiful! Boohoo is so reasonably priced as well so I might have to treat myself for all the stress of exams haha! x

    Mapped Out | Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

    1. My friend has just bought the skirt to wear to a launch party we are going to and I am jealous! I have just treated myself to the shorts xx

  2. This post is great, i love your picks!
    Would love it if you could check out mine too!

    Sarah xx

  3. Really wanted that blue floral blazer.. sadly apparently out of stock. Nice post though!