2 May 2014

Mini Series | What's In My Handbag!

Hello Lovelies. Welcome back to Beautiful You!

As you all know I am part of a group who are doing a mini 'What's In My...' series and today is the first instalment for you all! The first one is 'What's In My Handbag', personally I think that this is better as a video but I was to scared to film it as a video so here you are!

This is my handbag, it is from New Look quite recently actually and it was £19.99, but I got student discount on top of that so I think that was a fairly good price. I am a neat person when I want to be so this isn't going to be one of the normal posts where they find all sorts in their bag because I always tidy my bag!

The first thing I have in my handbag is my diary, I used to use this a lot more than I do now but it is always handy to have some paper in your bag. This one I think was from Sainsbury's in the sale ages ago but I use it mostly for uni, if I have assignments due, I put my exams in there and so on. Then I have a couple of pens in my bag as well, you always need one of them! 

Then I have my purse, this is quite old and is from a shop called Foreli but it from the brand Nica. I would show you inside and talk about what's in there but that is pretty personal and it is all standard anyway so that is that! The one thing I love about this purse is the amount of card slots there are, it has so many which is really needed by someone like me! 

I then have a make-up bag filled with all the beauty items I carry around on a daily basis, I don't want this post to be too long so I will just list them for you!

Inside my Jack Wills Bag there is:
- Soap & Glory Hand Food
- Soap & Glory Hand Maid
- Cath Kidston Mirror
- Ibuprofen
- Some plasters & blister plasters
- Ted Baker Body Spray
- My inhaler 
- Some dry shampoo
- Tissues

Lastly I just have a few knick knack things in my bag headphones, a lip balm, a shopping bag for life, house/flat keys, my ticket holder with my bus pass, student card and railcard in, my glasses and sunglasses! Then if I am at home I will have my car keys as well but if I am at uni then I leave them there!

This post has probably been really boring but I hope you liked in none the less, I will leave a link to all the other bloggers who are taking part in the series so that you can go and check them all out! 

Becca - MissBeccaBeauty
Frankie - Crazy Blonde Girl

I hope you all have had a good week and that you all have fantastic weekends! I am heading back to uni this weekend for the final four weeks of the academic year and to take my exams so I will try and keep up with posts as best as I can!

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