14 May 2014

My Holy Grail Products!

Hello Lovelies. Welcome back to Beautiful You!

I have been using some products for a long as I can remember and I really couldn't live without some of them so I thought I would share them with you. They are a range from make-up to skincare and I've even thrown a toothpaste and a deodorant in there so there isn't a specific topic!

I will start with all the make-up as everyone loves make-up so why not! The first product that I couldn't live without is a Mac Blusher in the colour Fleur Power it is the perfect pink shade as it is easily buildable if you want to be bold but is also incredible easy to tone down. This really compliments my skin tone and works really well with the highlighter that I am currently using which is an added bonus!

Next is my go to concealer and this hasn't changed since I started wearing make-up! It is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer and I have it in the shade 1 fair as I like my concealer to be a lighter shade than my skin tone! This covers up dark circles, blemishes and hyper pigmentation so well and it doesn't go any where all day, you need to set it with a powder though to make sure but it is brilliant! 

If you have read my blog for a long time or you know me then you will know how much I rave about this product. I had used Benefits Porefessional Primer for the longest time and I still love it but I wanted to find a cheaper primer for everyday use and I picked this up on a whim in Boots after being in there for too long! After trying it for a few weeks I knew that I would never go back to anything else, my make-up last for so long when using this and I cannot tell you how amazing it is you need to try it!

I knew as soon as Tanya announced that she was bring out lipglosses and nail varnishes that I had to get some and now I basically have all of the lipglosses because they are amazing. This one in particular is Picnic in the Park and it is the specific one that I always grab when I am on my way out but I need something on the lips as it is the perfect pink shade for summer. The formula and wear time of this lipglosses are brilliant and I love the colour range too, the one thing is that she needs to bring out an orange!

I have been having a problem with powders recently as Rimmel Stay Matte just stopped working for me and I had heard that this was a dupe for it so I decided to try it! That was the best decision I ever made as this powder solved all of my problems, it keeps my skin matte all day and I don't have to re-apply! I also love the packaging but this goes for all soap and glory products because they put so much thought into it! 

The last of the make-up items is a Lip Butter from Revlon in the colour Juicy Papaya! As you know I am a lover of orange but what I love about this lip product is that it isn't overly orange and it just gives a slight coral tinge to the lips, so if you aren't confident to rock a bright orange then maybe this is for you. Plus the formula of these lip butters are so hydrating and soft that I can't get enough and I think I have 8 now, whoops!

This is the holy grail of all beauty products for me, Bioderma is the best thing I have ever used to take of my make-up! I have extremely sensitive eyes when it comes to removing make-up so I always have to be really careful and use the right products. Now I know you can't get this easily in the UK but I will say that it is worth paying a bit more to get it as it really is fantastic at removing make-up, even waterproof!

As I have long hair I have to do that little bit more to keep it in good condition and this oil has been a saviour! My sister started using this first and then when we went on holiday to France a few years ago I stole some and my hair was so soft I bought my own! You apply it to the ends of your hair when they are towel dry after a shower and then comb it through to make sure that it is evenly spread, then when you wake up in the morning the ends of your hair are so soft and frizz free; well mine are anyway!

This is a bit random but I started using this deodorant on holiday last year and my friend recommended it as it smelt really nice and I have used it ever since. It really does have a nice smell and it isn't that normal deodorant smell, they also have it in spray form if you aren't one for roll on!

As I said earlier my eyes are really sensitive when it comes to taking of make-up so I have to be really careful with the products I use but this is perfect. It is really gentle on the eyes yet throughly removes all of my make-up without leaving a trace there. It is £8 which is quite expensive for a make-up remover but it is worth it and they sell it in our Outlet Shopping Centre at a reduced price so I always get my mum to get it for me! 

This is a bit random but this toothpaste is amazing and it really does make your teeth look whiter, everyone always comments on my teeth in pictures and on a day to day basis. I have been using this toothpaste for a good year or so and you do have to use it continuously for it to have an effect but you have to clean your teeth everyday anyway so. It is a bit expensive for a toothpaste but if you are wanting one with whitening qualities I would definitely recommend this!

This is the last product and although it is relatively new I cannot see myself not using it from now on so I thought I would put it in here! I use this wash with my Magnitone Pulsar brush and it leaves my skin so soft and clean which I would imagine it would do when hand washing as well! This is relative cheap from Boots too which is always a bonus if you ask me! 

I hope you didn't mind this long post and that you enjoyed seeing what products I couldn't live without! Leave a comment below with some of your holy grail products as I love getting suggestions from you guys and trying out new things! I am in London on Friday when my next posts goes live as I would have just been to Base Magazine's launch party but I will schedule it in advance so I won't miss a day, it is the next instalment of our mini series so I hope you like it!

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  1. I've used that VO5 Miracle Concentrate before too and it helped to sort out my split ends.Great picks,that reminds me I need to go to The Body Shop.xx

  2. I have some of these and I love them! That MAC blusher looks perfect, is it completely matte? Xx