2 Jun 2014

Mr Nutcase Review | iPad Case!*

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If you follow many bloggers then you will know that Mr Nutcase has been giving some of us the opportunity to create their own personalised case in exchange for a review on our blogs. Mine took a while to come and I have been waiting until I got my new camera to take the pictures but none the less, I am posting it today!

I decided to go for an iPad case because I know I will have that for a long time, whereas I never know when I might change my phone and the case won't fit any more. I put a range of pictures on mine from ones where I met youtubers, to meeting The Vamps and then a lot of my friends and family! I love the idea of these cases and I like that you can make something really simple very personal, the entire process was so easy and you definitely need to check out Mr Nutcase!

Their website is very easy to use and is clear with advice too. You have a choice whether to input your own pictures or whether to buy a pre-made case which I think it brilliant because sometimes you may not want it to be too personalised! Another thing I like about their website is that it is very minimal so there really isn't anywhere that you can go wrong which is a bonus for those who aren't exactly a computing genius!

Order Process
Buying the case was very simple too, I think you can either pay straight from your card or through pay pal which is good as some people don't like using their card online. There are opportunities to input gift voucher codes and promotion codes if you have them without making it confusing for the customer like some websites do. All in all it was a very quick order process which is always an added bonus online.

This was the only down fall for me, they claim on their website to have next day delivery and I know as I didn't pay for it that it would take a little longer but a week was a bit too long. I emailed them several times and apparently there was something wrong with my case and that they had emailed me to tell me this, I didn't receive that said email and I really didn't understand but any way. It arrived a week later but there was a bank holiday in between so I will let them off and if you pay full price they are much better with the delivery and the fact that it is free is an added bonus!

Finished Product
When the case arrived I was really excited because obviously I had to wait a bit longer for it and I love it so much. I like having pictures of people close to me on something that I use so often and it take a really impersonal item and makes it more sentimental! There are a few little things that I would ask to change, like one of the borders overlaps too far and there is a dent in the side of the case and things like that but seriously other than that it is a lovely case! 

I hope you enjoyed this review and you should all go and check out Mr Nutcase as I have an code for you guys to get 10% off, just complete the order process and then add 'Thanku10' in the promotion code box! Let me know if any of you order a case and what it looks like, I'm so nosey!

Mr Nutcase Website

 If you missed Friday's blog post then I suggest you check it out because it is rather exciting, I will link it here! Lastly, as you may know it was my birthday last week and my what I got for my birthday post will be going live on Wednesday so see you guys then! 

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  1. what a lovely idea to have a personalised case! id love it if youd comment back http://amyelizabethfashion.blogspot.co.uk/2014/06/big-sexy-hair.html xx