18 Jun 2014

My Top 10 Products For Summer!

Hello Lovelies. Welcome back to Beautiful You!

As the weather is getting nicer recently I am branching out into wearing some different make-up; lighter foundation and brighter colours. I thought I would share with you my top 10 products that are a must have for me during summer! They range from sun care, to perfume to make-up products so I hope you enjoy seeing what I use in the summer, let me know in the comments what you use.

1. Urban Decay Make-Up Setting Spray- this is an absolute gem in the summer, I hate it when you do your make-up and it looks really nice and then you go out and the sun melts it off. This product is perfect for stopping that exact problem, it sets your make-up and helps it last all day long, I cannot fault it!

2. Hawaiian Tropics Suntan Lotion- everyone has to wear sun tan lotion in the summer and I cannot beat this one, it smells amazing and protects my skin at the same time. I used this on holiday and it always reminds me of being back there and I love it!

3. Soap & Glory Heel Genius- I don't know if it is just me but I have to have nice feet in the summer as you have your feet out. I have started to use my mum's micropedi which is an electrical foot exfoliator and it works magic. I use that and then I apply this foot cream and put socks on overnight and in the morning they are so soft.

4. Hawaiian Tropics After Sun- again like the sun cream, I have to use after sun if I have been in the sun. I also started using this when I was on holiday and it just reminds me of summer and I cannot get enough. It literally smells amazing!

5. Benefit's Big Easy- in the summer I like to use a lighter coverage foundation and this is perfect. It is a liquid to powder formula makes it brilliant for when your travelling as you only have to have one product and not several! It comes in a range of colours that blend to your skin tones which is another plus.

6. Bourjois Bronzing Primer- this is brilliant for summer, apply it all over your face under your foundation and it gives you a summery glow. I also use this as a slight cover up when I have a tan because that's when my skin is at its best!

7. Babylips- you cannot protect your lips enough in the summer and I love the baby lips range. They are really hydrating and they also have some with sight tints so when you want to have a splash of colour without using a lipstick; these are perfect!

8. MAC Lipstick; Coral Bliss- I love an orange lip all year round but during summer I wear it basically everyday! This particular one gives you a splash of colour that isn't too over powering which is perfect for everyday. 

9. Ralph Lauren No2- this is definitely my go to summer fragrance, it is light and fruity and I love it so much. If your out and about go and smell this because it's amazing.

10. Magicool- this isn't in the picture but who can go a whole summer without using this stuff? I love it when you are just too hot and a spritz of this and your good to go!

Those are all of the products that I love using in the summer so I hope you enjoyed seeing them and let me know in the comments what you love to use in the summer! I will be back on Friday with another post and then there will be a bonus on Saturday as it is the launch of my YouTube channel! I hope you are all subscribed and as excited as I am!

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  1. That MAC lipstick looks gorgeous! And I love the babylips range too!

    You should try the revlon lip crayons if you haven't already. They have such lovely colours, I want them all haha.

    Lovely post! foreverebekka.co.uk

    1. It is a lovely lipstick and I don't know what I would do without my babylips! Oooo I may have to go and check them out next time I'm in Boots!! xx

  2. Benefit's big easy sounds lovely, really want to try it! I swear by the urban decay setting spray! x

    1. Their BB cream is brillant, no one else understands my love for it!! xx

  3. That bronzing primer sounds amazing! I'm going to have to hunt that down. I love anything that gives me glowy skin :)

    1. Its a must have for summer, definitely check it out!! xx

  4. What a lovely collection of products! These are all my favourites for holiday too:) lovely post!

    Mollie xo