8 Aug 2014

Review | Gemporia Necklace!*

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I was contact by a brand called Gemporia to review a piece of jewellery from their collection and I was so excited when I looked through their collections as they had several stunning pieces that I would love to review! I finally made my decisions and I couldn't be happier as I have been looking for a necklace like to wear all the time for a while!

I picked the Rose Quartz Necklace with White Topaz in Rose Gold, and when it arrived it did have a gem missing but regardless it is so pretty! This necklaces is really versatile as you can wear it short on the tightest fastening or there is an extension chain which means you can wear it longer too, this is brilliant as it is perfect for a lot of people. What I love about this the most is how well the rose gold and then gem go together, they complement each other really well and I find that a pink gem is quite neutral so will go will a lot of outfit which is also a bonus!

Excuse me with no make-up and natural hair here!
I put an outfit together as an example of when I would wear this necklace, I just paired a simple pair of denim shorts from New Look with a powder blue cami top from Dorothy Perkins and then added a wide brown belt! I even wore this necklace to Drayton Manor on Wednesday and it went with me on a roller coaster so I can't fault it to be honest. The rest of the products all look really pretty so I will leave a link below to their website so you can have a look for yourselves!

Gempori's Website

I hope you enjoyed this review, if you did leave a comment below telling me what your favourite piece of jewellery is at the moment! I have put a link to Gempoia's website above so go over and check out their collections as their products are really pretty!

I have a giveaway running at the moment as it is coming up to my first blog birthday so I will leave a link to that here so you can all go on enter! I hope you have been enjoying the fact that I have blogged everyday this week and I will be back to my old schedule next week as I am on holiday! Hope you all have a good weekend!

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