11 Sept 2014

My Ombré Journey | Part 2!

Hello Lovelies. Welcome back to Beautiful You!

As you all know a few weeks back I took my first step on my journey to ombré my hair and today I had my second appointment. I am so happy with the results its unreal, I cannot stop staring at my hair in the mirror because I just love it so much!

This time my hairdresser bleached my hair, again she didn't do it so it was just block colour which what perfect as I still wanted it to be subtle and blended with my brown hair. The results are exactly what I wanted and I cannot thank her enough, I was so worried about bleaching my hair but its more than I could have asked for!

I know it looks like I don't have a nose in this picture but I love the results with my hair. It is a subtle difference from the top to the bottom but you can definitely tell more so than you could the first time I had my hair dyed. 

I have a picture from the back so you can see the entire gradient change from top to bottom and I like that is does go that one extra bit lighter at the bottom. I hope you enjoyed seeing the next progression my ombré journey and I'm sure I will update you again if and when I have it dyed for the third time! I also hope you are enjoying this week of daily blogging  and I will leave a link again to my giveaway as it does end tonight. I will see you again tomorrow!

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  1. Love it :)
    I have ombre hair too :D

    Ellie xx