8 Nov 2014

New York, New York | Beauty Haul!

Hello Lovelies. Welcome back to Beautiful You!

I know this is the post that you have all been waiting for and now it is finally here, my New York City beauty haul! First things first I am just going to put a disclaimer out there, obviously this was a holiday that we had planned for months and therefore I had a lot of time to save up money. No I am not rich or spoilt or trying to brag in anyway I just wanted to share with you all the amazing beauty items I bought whilst I was away.

This is everything beauty related that I bought on holiday, like I said it may look like a lot but I did save up for this and I knew I would spend whilst I was there! Having a Sephora literally across the road from your hotel probably isn't the best idea if your not planning to spend too much. But I will just go through everything that I got, this is going to be a long post!

1. Make-Up Forever HD Foundation Set- I had been thinking about getting this for a while with me now having a YouTube channel but I've never had the opportunity. I saw it when I went to IMATS but I didn't have the money for it then but when I saw it in Sephora and the price for the set was amazing I had to buy it!

2. MAC Plum Eyes Palette- this wasn't released in the UK when we went to New York and the packaging was what drew me in. It is really compact and efficient for travelling whilst still having an amazing range of colours in it.

3. Wet'N'Wild Palettes- I'd heard so many American bloggers talk about these palettes and with them being so cheap I thought that I would pick up a few. I have yet to try them but both my sister and my mum are loving them so I definitely have high hopes!

4. Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Rollerball- when I saw the stand for these in Sephora I just had to get one. They had so many different perfume and I really couldn't decide. However, my mum and my sister both bought this perfume in full size and I loved the smell so I chose this one!

5. Too Faced La Belle Carosell Set- I had never tried anything from Too Faced before but when I saw this Christmas gift set I knew I had to buy it. The packaging to so cute and you get so many products for your money. I have yet to try them but I'm sure that once I have I will do a review or something on here for you.

6. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette- so many bloggers had been talking about this product and now that I have it I totally agree with them about how amazing it it. You get three baked blushers inside the palette and there is a range of colours, I think this would be perfect for travelling as you don't have to limit yourself to one blusher!

7. Tarte Light Camera Splashes Mascara- I have wanted this since I saw Ingrid from Missglamorazi use it in a video and I knew I was going to buy something from Tarte while I was there so I thought why not!

8. Their Real Push Up Liner + Mascara- again these are some other products that I had been debating over getting for a while and when I saw the set in the airport I had to buy it. It was $30 for the set which I thought was a bargain because when you convert that back its about £19 which is what you pay in the UK for the mascara alone!

9. Cover Girl Clump Crusher Mascara- I bought this because again Ingrid and Anna Saccone rave about it all the time. I love trying out new mascaras as I have really long lashes and I love seeing which ones hold the curl the best so I will let you know about this one!

10. Lara Mercier Samples- I got these samples when I cashed in my Sephora beauty points as I opened a card whilst I was there but we don't have one in the UK so I thought why not. I am actually really excited to try these because I have always wanted to try their primer and tinted moisturiser!

11. Sephora Brush Cleaner- I bought this to try and get myself into cleaning my foundation brush with this everyday to stop it getting so clogged up. Obviously this doesn't clean it deep enough for a proper wash but just to wash it on a daily basis to keep it sanitary!

12. Two Faced Heart Blush- this is the only product that I have used so far and it is really lovely. The colour pigmentation is amazing and I love the packaging. This was one of my things that I knew I wanted to buy whilst I was over there!

13. Laura Mercier Shadow Sticks- this again is another Christmas gift set but I have never tried anything from Laura Mercier before so I thought that I would give them a go. I am sometimes lazy with my eye shadow and this is the perfect product as you can just sweep it across your lid, blend it out and your sorted!

14. Korres & St.Tropez Samples- again these were products I got from cashing in my Sephora point but I am not so keen on these so I have given them to my house mate Emily as she loves a bit of fake tan!

15. Phsysicians Formula Highlighter- I didn't plan on getting this but I saw it on the shelf and I literally grabbed it and bought it straight away! It is the prettiest highlighter that I have ever seen and you'd think it would be really over powering but it isn't at all. You can see a close up of the product on my video on my YouTube channel.

16. Physicians Formula Bronzer- I had bought so many blushers but I wanted the physicians formula one however I thought that I would switch it up a bit a go for a bronzer and I'm glad that I did. It is really pigmented and easy to apply, again there is a close up in my YouTube video!

17. Physicians Formula Blush- I bought this solely for the packaging, I had seen it in loads of pictures on instagram and I had to have it so I did. Now that I've got it home I do actually really like the colours when they are swirled together.

18. Benefit Blusher Set- this again is another Christmas gift set which I love, it has all the blushers that I wanted to try from Benefit in one place. I have tried a couple before but I have never got the chance to try all of them as they are quite expensive so I will let you know how it goes. It also has Hoola Bronzer and What's Up Highlighter in there which are brilliant too!

19. Physicians Formula Brighting Concealer- again I simply bought this for the packaging as it is the cutest I have ever seen. The gold bow and the faux leather casing is lovely, I have yet to use the actual product but again I will let you know.

20. Maybelline Colour Sensationals- I bought three of these while I was there Hot Plum, Pink Party and Coral Crush. I wanted to get some darker colour for winter and then Coral Crush is a bright one for the summer but I love them all! The formula of them is really moisturising and they aren't drying on the lips which is really good!

21. Maybelline Colour Whispers- as you couldn't get these in the UK I thought that I would pick one up and I got it in the colour Cherry on Top which is a a bright fuchsia colour that I think will be perfect for spring summer!

22. Bumble & Bumble Surf Set- as you all know I love this and when I saw this set I just had to buy it. The way that it is packaged is perfect for travelling as it is really compact and I think it would be easy to pack.

23. EOS Lip Balm- obviously being in America I had to repurchase another one of these. I bought Summer Fruits this time as I had a lot of the other flavours so I thought I would get something different.

24. Ralph Lauren No 2 Perfume- I have had this before and I thought that I would repurchase it as it is definitely my go to scent. It is a really sweet, heavy scent but it doesn't have any hints or floral or anything it is just really sweet.

25. Sally Hanson Nail Wraps- my mum had ordered these for me just before we left and they had arrived when we got home so I thought that I would share them with you. They are nail wraps that you have to remove with nail varnish and my mum had some on for our entire holiday and they lasted really well.

I know it is a lot but like I said I was on holiday and we saved up money for a long time and there really wasn't any point in saving all that money and then not spending it whilst I was there! If there is anything here that you would like to see a review on then just leave a comment below and I will try my best to get them done! I hope you are enjoying this series and that you are excited for my last post, the fashion haul tomorrow, I will see you all at 5!

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  1. Nice haul! Love everything you bought!

  2. I have loved your USA series! And this haul just tops it off, so jealous :)

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  3. I live in Miami and I really, really, really love NY! isn't it such an incredible place?! Anyways I love your choices and I think you did a great job with mixing up the price ranges.

    Vero, xx


  4. Your haul is freaking amazing! I love all your little goodies x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  5. You picked up so much and I am so jealous! I keep going to pick up the Daisy Dream rollerball but never get around to it. I haven't had much luck with Mark Jacobs perfumes in the past and just getting the rollerball (which is so much cheaper!) to try it seems like such a good idea to me.

    Rachael at broomfie.blogspot.com