3 Nov 2014

New York, New York | Day 1- Statue of Liberty & 911 Memorial!

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I am extremely excited to write this series of post and I really hope that you enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed writing them! I am going to be using the #NewYorkNewYorkSeries on twitter so if any of you are enjoying the posts then let me know by using that # on Twitter and Instagram. Today's post is about our first day in the big apple and what we got up to. I am also going to add in us at the airport and our first night there seen as we only had the evening it seemed silly to do a separate post!

So our flight was on Thursday 23rd of October and after having this trip booked for so long having it final come around was the best ever! You can see how happy we all were to go from one of the pictures above but it was so exciting as I had never been on a plane with my mum and step-dad before. We landed at half past three local time but obviously we then had to go through security and collect our bags which took a while! Then we made our way to our hotel, we stayed at the Millennium Broadway Hotel on Times Square and I would totally recommend it to anyone who wants to go. It was a brilliant hotel with an amazing location as Times Square was right on your doorstep. Then that evening we just decided to get something to eat and explore a little but this was short lived as we were all super tired and wanted to get an early night in preparation for our first full day in the morning!

When we were planning this trip we looked at a lot of reviews and most of them said that The Statue of Liberty often has long queues and although we could have got it on our New York Passes we decided to pay and book it in advance, This meant that we got to go in a slightly shorter queue and it was perfect as we didn't have to wait as long. The overall experience of seeing the statue was that it was a lot smaller than I thought it would be, obviously it is huge but when you are standing underneath it, it doesn't feel as big as I thought, I also loved the amazing views of the New York skyline that you got when the boat was pulling away from the pier! Some of you may be wondering why I took a picture of the telescope but I just think they are typically american and you see them in loads of films and famous pictures so I had too!

After we had been to the statute we went to the 911 Museum and Memorial. We had also booked these in advance for the same reasons as earlier. We also had some time in between to get lunch and wonder up to them through Wall Street and we got to see the one building that hasn't been reconstructed since 9/11. We then had a look around the memorial and I have to say this is one of the most moving places I have ever been too, the infinity pools are beautiful and the whole concept is just such a lovely tribute.

Then we made our way into the museum but you weren't allowed to take photos for the majority inside but I did get a few that are above but again it was just so moving. My favourite part of the museum was there was an entire wall filled with 2983 water-colour paper squares, each a unique shade of blue from different people trying to remember the colour of the sky on the day of the attack. The centre piece of the wall is clearly the quote 'No day shall erase you from the memory of time' which really chocked me up because it an amazing tribute to those who lost their lives on that day. I also really loved the Survivor Tree, it was the only plant that survived that day and volunteers nursed it back to this blossoming tree that it is today, there is a picture above!

I hope you enjoyed the first instalment in my New York, New York series and if you have any questions or want to know anything then just leave a comment below. Obviously this is quite brief as I didn't want you guys to have to read massively long blog posts but I have tried to fit in as much as I could for you all. Like I said there will be a new post everyday at 5pm GMT so don't forget to come back tomorrow and see what else we got up to!

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  1. Oh wow it looks so amazing. New York is definitely on my travel list!
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