6 Nov 2014

New York, New York | Day 4- Grand Central, Upper East Side, The Guggenheim & The Met!

Hello Lovelies. Welcome back to Beautiful You!

I cannot believe that we are nearing the end of my trip but we still have the last two days to talk about so I shouldn't get sad yet. This was our last full day in New York and my sister and I took up upon ourselves to make our own mini Gossip Girl tour and we also got a glimpse of Jake Gyllenhaal in there as well which was a bonus! The title of this makes it look like we did a lot but we didn't actually go in the Guggenheim we just wanted to see the outside.

We knew that we could get to the Upper East Side (where we were spending the rest of the day) by getting the tube from Grand Central so we decided to walk there and hit two birds with one stone. I couldn't get over how beautiful the building itself is because you always see it in films and pictures but nothing compares to the real thing. Whilst we were looking around the one and only Jake Gyllenhaal was filming a something for a film he is in coming out next year and I could not believe that this was happening right in front of my eyes. My mum was literally stood about 10 feet if that away from him and she was completely oblivious. This is definitely something that I can cross of my bucket list and with the added extra too!

As I have said in a previous post both my sister and I are obsessed with the america TV show Gossip Girl, while we were in New York we were determined to see some of the iconic places from the show. The first one we saw was in Central Park and then we found this place, 1136 5th Avenue and this was were Blair Waldorf lived with her family. When we found this I cannot describe to you how happy my sister was, she had the biggest smile on her face ever! I was also loving the Halloween decorations that were going on in the Upper East Side, they definitely know how to make a statement! 

Like I said we didn't actually go inside The Guggenheim Museum we just wanted to see the iconic building from the outside. There were a few street stalls outside off here and they were selling prints of famous places in New York and us being your typical tourists had to make a purchase but my parents did get a free magnet of inside the Guggenheim. There was also a really lovely man singing amongst them and he was so talented, I cannot tell you the amount of times I saw or hear someone talented in the city, they are literally everywhere.

This was another one of the stops on our Gossip Girl trail, The Metropolitan Museum of Art! This is the most amazing building I have ever seen and I found it quite strange how clean it was, usually there would be the odd bit of garbage but not here. Of course my sister and I had to have out picture taken sitting on the steps of The Met and we couldn't be near the bottom either (GG fan will know what I mean). We did go inside the museum just to have a brief look around and we also had some lunch in there. 

We then just took a walk down 5th avenue to the Apple Store and some other shops just to make sure that we had all of the things we wanted and to get a few last minute presents. After this we went back to the hotel to drop off our bags and to get changed as we went to a posh Italian restaurant for dinner near the hotel as it was our last night, my mum even went crazy and spent $36 on cheese (she didn't look properly)! Once we had finished dinner we just wandered around Times Square and popped in a few more shops, Aeroposatle & The Sunglasses Hut being the main two! 

There is only one day left to share with you guys, if you have enjoyed this series so far then leave a comment below telling me which day has been your favourite! If your wondering what I got in the shops and why I haven't told you it is because there are two hauls going up on Saturday and Sunday that will fill you all in, but I will see you again tomorrow at 5 for the last days antics! 

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