9 Nov 2014

New York, New York | Fashion Haul!

Hello Lovelies. Welcome back to Beautiful You!

I think this is probably one of my most anticipated posts yet and I know a lot of you have been waiting for so I would keep you waiting any longer! This is all of the clothing, jewellery and other bit and bobs that I got whilst I was away that didn't fit into put in my beauty haul, so without further ado, enjoy!

The main shops that I went to were ones that we don't have in the UK because I wanted to make the most of being there, such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Aeropostale and Victoria's Secret! As I said in my previous haul I had been saving for this trip hence why there is a lot so I'm not trying to brag in anyway!

1. I <3 NY Top- no one can go to New York and not get one of these tops, it is just a black t-shirt with white writing. I don't think I'll wear it out but it will probably be my new top to sleep in but it was just something to remember the trip by!

2. Abercrombie & Fitch Tee- I wanted to get something with the name written on it because I haven't got anything from here before so I found this simple white graphic tee and I think it is a really nice fit on!

3. Victoria's Secret Plain Tees- these tshirts were called campus tops and they are just a plain top with a different coloured sleeve which I just think adds that something extra. I got these in black & white and grey & mint as they were on offer for 2 for $42!

4. Abercrombie & Fitch Hoodie- I knew I wanted to get a hoody as I needed something warm to wear the next day but they were so hard to find in there. I finally found this one and I just picked it up and bought it because I liked the colour, it was around $50 which I don't think is too bad for a long sleeved hoody.

5. Abercrombie & Fitch Shirt- when I saw this shirt I had to buy it because I want to wear it on Christmas day. I love the greens and reds that run through the shirt and I don't have anything like this so I could justify it!

6. Marc Jacobs Sunglasses- I probably shouldn't have put these in here but I wanted to blog about them. I came home to an email from Blaze Sunglasses saying that I had won a £100 gift voucher and I automatically went towards these sunglasses. These are just your standard cat eye tortoise shell sunglasses, I don't usually go for this shape but they have the nicest detailing on the side so I had to.

7. Beats Solo- I have wanted these for so long and when I saw them for such a good price in the airport I knew I couldn't leave them. They are the blue ones and they are the most comfortable headphones I have ever used so I am very happy!

8. Ray Bans- these were the sunglasses that I actually got on holiday. If you have seen my new glasses that I got recently then you will understand when I say that these are basically them but just sunglasses. They are black on the outside but blue on the inside and they aren't the standard ray ban shape either which I love!

9. Pandora Charms- I bought myself three charms, the orange flowery one, an apple that says NYC and a pink spacer one. As I did spend over $100 I got a free pink leather bracelet and this was on my Christmas list so I was pretty happy to get it for free!

10. Pink Phone Case- I wanted to buy this because I love slogan graphics on products and I loved this one. It says 'you don't even know' and I think it is just really funny, there was really nothing behind the words but I just thought why not!

11. Marc Jacobs Watch- I wanted to buy myself a present which I would remember the trip by and this was what I decided on. When we were in Macy's I just thought that I would pop and have a look at the watched but when I saw this I literally couldn't walk away without it!

12. PINK trackies- these aren't in the picture but I bought some trackie bottoms from Victoria's Secret PINK. They are just simple straight leg trackies that are grey on the front and black on the back with two pockets on the front.

12. Michael Kors Bag- my step-dad decided that he wanted to buy us a present from the trip and we were all aloud a certain amount. When I realised that the bag I wanted came in budget I knew that it was what I wanted. I chose this grey colour because I thought that it was perfect for autumn winter and spring summer! 

That is everything else that I bought whilst I was away, I know it is a lot but it was a once in a life time trip and I can't imagine myself doing it again! If you want to see close ups of anything there is a video up on my YouTube channel the same time as this, there is a link below so you can find it! As this is the last in the series it is a little bit sad but I hope you have all enjoyed reading about what we got up to and what I bought whilst I was there! I hope you have all had an amazing weekend and I will see you soon!

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  1. I just watched the video version of this and the beauty haul and I have serious envy. I need to be whisked away to NY now! :) xxx

  2. I'd love to get the apple with nyc. Wish someone would take me to New York xx

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  3. That is some serious shopping! Loving the shirt and bag!! x