12 Dec 2014

#CountdownToChristmas Week 2 | Favourite Seasonal Drinks!

Hello Lovelies. Welcome back to Beautiful You!

Today's instalment of #CountdownToChristmas is all about our favourite Christmas drinks that we love to get drunk the Christmas period. Now I am not one to drink coffee, I have never really liked the taste of it so I try to stay clear of that but I do love a good hot chocolate!

During the Christmas period in Bournemouth they have a Christmas market and a bar where you can get Winter Pimms and Mulled Wine and I love going there with my house mates and sitting around with all the festivities going on.

I am also a massive fan of Costa's seasonal drinks range especially their brownie hot chocolate this year. It doesn't take too different from the normal hot chocolate but it is a bit more creamier. I have also tried the White Hot Chocolate but I found this a bit sickly so I didn't have it again.

In Starbucks this year they have a Honey and Almond Hot Chocolate and the honey part really appeals to me but I'm not really sure about the almond however I think next time I am near I think I am going to try it!

I'm sorry that this blog post is really short and quite rubbish but I have been so busy this week but I know it isn't an excuse. I am going to be blogging about why my week was so busy tomorrow so definitely keep an eye out for that because it is quite exciting!! Anyway, I am going to be back to normal next week because I am back at home for Christmas so you can look forward to that. Thank you for understanding and here's to next week!

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  1. Emma tried the Honey and Almond and didn't really like it....but it smelt lovely! Winter Pimms is the best.
    Cant wait to read about your busy week x

  2. I am 100% on the same page as you with not liking the taste of coffee...I am for sure a hot chocolate kind of girl to!! I'm reallllyyyy missing Costa drinks now that I live in the US :(( lovely blog!!X