19 Jan 2015

My Make-Up Revolution Wishlist!

Hello Lovelies. Welcome back to Beautiful You!

Recently I have been trying out many of Make-Up Revolutions products and once I try one thing I can't seem to stop. I recently bought a eye shadow of theirs to use as a contour which has been working out amazingly. Anyway after browsing their website for ages I saw so many things that I wanted and I thought that I would share them with you all!

1. #Liphugs (Keeps The Planet Spinning)- I think the packaging of this product drew me towards it the most. I have been loving darker lips at the moment and I just thought that I would be nice to try out a different formula hence why this is in my wishlist.

2. I Heart Make-Up Eye Primer (Matte)- I am one for being lazy when it comes to applying my make-up as I don't tend to leave myself too much time to do so. However one of my new years resolutions was to try more primers out and this one being matte really makes me want to try it!

3. Eyeshadow Blending Brush- you can never have to many of these brushes and when I found out that Make-Up Revolution were bring out their own I got a little bit carried away!

4. I Heart Make-Up Naked Chocolate Palette- these palettes have been all over my instagram this past month and they look beautiful. I have been put off getting one because they are very similar to the Naked Palette but I think I am starting to cave a little bit.

5. Highlighter (Pink Lights)- I don't tend to wear highlighter just because I simply haven't found the right product for me yet. This highlighter looks like a beautiful buildable colour which could look amazing with any blusher.

6. Contour Brush (F105)- I have been trying to jump on the contour hype that everyone seems to be loving at the moment and I just don't think I have the right brush. This one looks like it would be the perfect shape so I definitely think this would be worth investing in!

7. Ultra Blush and Contour Palette (Golden Sugar)- this is my favourite product in this entire post and I have been lucky enough to be gifted it by the company so as soon as it arrives I shall be trialling it out and putting a review up on here. It just has the most amazing colour range and it will help me in trying out the contoured look a bit more.

8. I Heart Make-Up Wow Gloss (Pretend To Be Psyched)- I have been really loving nude lip shades at the moment but I am seriously lacking in the gloss department and this colour look perfect. I haven't use the combination before but I am always up for trying things out!

9. Eye Contour Brush (E102)- I find it hard to get a darker shade to just blend through my crease as my eyes are quite shallow, therefore this is on my wishlist as I think that the shape of the bristles will really help with precision.

10. I Heart Make-Up  Palette (I Am Sexy)- I don't really have a palette like this and I love how compact it is. The colour range is amazing and with the addition of a lipstick in there I think this would be the perfect product to take away with you.

11. Blush Palette (All About Cream)- the reason why I chose this was simply down to the colours, they are literally me to a T.

12. Stippling Brush (F103)- I find these brushes the best for applying cream products, blushers, bronzers anything,they make it so easy to apply and then blend the colour in.

13. Eyebrow Brush (E104)- for some reason I have lost my small eye brown brush, I think I may have thrown it out when I changed eye brow product. At the moment I can't use my normal product as I am trying to grow my brows out so that I can have them shaped professionally and I need something slightly darker at the moment.

14. Pro Looks Palette (Big Love)- I love the way this palette separates the shadows into three different looks. It makes it so easy to create simple but effective eye make-up and for those who aren't so sure about which colours to put together this is the perfect product.

I hope you enjoyed reading everything that I am lusting after from Make-Up Revolution. Is there anything that you are after at the moment or what's your favourite product from their website? Let me know in the comments below because I am always up for trying new products. Also I just wanted to put a quick thank you in here, this morning my blog reached 600 subscribers and I literally cannot believe it. I only reached 500 on Christmas Eve so to have another 100 in under a month means the world to me. I have a lot of exciting things planned this year so if you want to hear about them then definitely follow and keep an eye out. I shall see you all tomorrow!

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  1. I haven't had the opportunity to try anything from Makeup Revolution, because of how expensive the conversation rates are. But I'm honesty lusting after EVERYTHING, my wishlist is crazy long. I'm hoping they do a mega sale soon and then I'll grab a whole bunch of things!

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