6 Feb 2015

Review | Make-Up Revolution Ultra Blush & Contour Palette!*

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A few weeks ago I published my Make-Up Revolution wishlist which included many of the thing that I have been lusting after on their website. After publishing that blog post I was luck enough to be sent one of the items from my list to review and that is what I am going to be sharing with you today.

The item I got send was the Ultra Blush and Contour Palette in the shade Golden Sugar and it is a palette which contains 8 colours, 7 of which are shimmery and 1 which is matte. I'm going to do this review a little bit differently and share my top 5 favourite things about the product with you!

1. I love how each pan is very different and as a palette as a whole is so versatile. You have the pinks in there for your blushers, a white gold shimmery one that is perfect for highlighting and then you have your brown which can be used for contouring and warming up the face. It really is an amazing all round palette!

2. The price, although I was sent this, it retails for £6 on the Make-Up Revolution website here and I think that this is such a bargain for every thing that you get and the quality of the product. I don't know if this one is in store but Superdrug do stock some of their products so it may be worth checking out your local store.

3. I am a massive sucker for Make-Up Revolution packaging, it is so simple and sleek. The way they have the thin black plastic casing makes it really easy to travel with which is why they are always my products of choice! They also have a huge mirror on the other side of the palette which is also really handy when travelling if you don't know if you'll have one at your destination.

4. The pigmentation of the colour are amazing and so easy to build up if you want them to be more intense. I think they are perfect for taking a day time look into the night as that little hint of shimmer can add an extra dimension to a basic look.

5. Lastly the wear time, I always find no matter what product it is from this brand, they are so long lasting. I can put this on at about 8am when I get ready for the day and it will still be on a look good at by the time it gets to the evening. I literally cannot fault them on the wear time for their products because it is brilliant!

Overall I do have to say that I loved this product and I would totally recommend it to you all, at with a price tag of £6 you really cannot go wrong. I hope you enjoyed this post and I'm so sorry I have been away for a while but everything is sorted now and I am back on track. I will see you all next week for a fresh start!

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