16 Sept 2015

J'adore Paris Day 3 | Aquarium & Laduree!

Hello Lovelies. Welcome back to Beautiful You!

Our third day in Paris was a little bit more chilled than the rest because we were all knackered from the day before and the weather was rubbish; it was pouring rain all day. We tried to think of something that we could do that would be inside and we noticed that in the Trocadero area, there was an Aquarium so we decided to head inside. I don't think it was overly expensive for us and and it kept us dry for a couple of hours.

They had many many many different tanks in there and what I love most about the this particular aquarium was that their fish tanks were in loads of different shapes. Some had little sections cut out with tape and then they have a digital screen above which showed us what global warming would do to the fish. Then some of the tanks were up in the ceiling which I have never seen before anywhere else.

The highlight of my day though was when we came across some seats in front of a tank full of sharks so we decided to have a rest and took a seat.  After a while load of people started to come and fill up the rest of the seats and we realised there was a talk about to start about the sharks. Only after we had been sat there for an hour listening to a French man talk about sharks in french did we realise that it probably wasn't our wisest idea to stay, me and my step-dad definitely fell asleep!

After we had finished in the Aquarium we realised that we weren't too far away from the Champs de Elysee and my sister really wanted to go to Laduree so we decided to wander there in the pouring rain. I can tell you that it was 100% worth the soaking wet walk there, if you are ever in Paris you have to go because it was delicious!

We were taken to a table upstairs and just walking through the building and seeing all of the authentic decorations was simply beautiful. I ordered a raspberry slice and I cannot portray how delicious it was, the raspberries were really fresh, the cream was so fluffy and now as I sit writing this post I really want another one. Of course we couldn't go to Laduree without getting some macaroons, my sister and I both got a box of six to take away. I chose salted caramel, chocolate, vanilla, maple syrup, raspberry and lemon, these were also SOO YUMMY!

After we had finished our little afternoon snack we explored the Champs de Elysee a little more and went into a few more shops. I had to go back to Sephora because I had bought the wrong lipgloss from Marc Jacobs and obviously if I was spending that amount of money I was definitely getting the right shade.

We then just went back to the hotel on the Metro because we were all pretty much wet through and we wanted to dry off a bit. For dinner that evening we just went to a little cafe near the hotel as we wanted something quick and easy so we could get out of the rain, I only had chicken nuggets and chips but I thoroughly enjoyed it! One of the things I loved the most about eating in France was the fact that they bring you bread all the time and it is amazing.

Later that evening we just went back to the hotel for the night and decided to go to the bar and get a drink because none of us were ready to go to bed just yet! Anyway, that was it for another day in Paris, I hope you enjoyed this post too. Also a little side note if you read my New York travel series, that was almost 1 YEAR AGO?! I literally cannot believe it and I want to go back so badly! I will be back tomorrow for the last installment of my Paris series, comment below if you have enjoyed this travel series!

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