1 Dec 2015

Blogmas Day 1 | Christmas Nails #1!

Hello Lovelies. Welcome back to Beautiful You!

I haven't blogged in ages and typical me, I decide to do Blogmas the day before it is due to start! I had been thinking about doing this for a while now and I miss my blog so much so why not, however this might not last but I am going to try!

For day one I thought that I would share my first Christmas nails of the season, I had them done on Thursday night and I love them so much. I have them done at a local nail bar in Swindon and I love going because the girls that do them are so lovely and we have our little catch ups every fortnight.

Anyway, I knew I wanted to have sparkly nails but I didn't know what colour I wanted. Therefore I just went with an old favourite colour that I have had many times before and added a COPPER glitter on the top, can we just appreciate that for a moment please!

The base colour on all the nails is a nude called Satin Pyjamas by CND Shellac and this is 100% my go to nail colour when I have no idea what I want. It is such a pretty neutral that can easily be made more snazzy with a glitter or can just be plain by itself. I don't know if the glitter has a name but it is a loose copper glitter which is gradient on three nails and completely opaque on the other two. I know its not overly Christmassy but I love it!

I have two more nail appointments before Christmas so keep your eyes peeled for more Christmas nails later in the month. Anyway that''s all for now but like I said I am going to really try and keep this up as I know it will help get my in the Christmas spirit and I love reading everyone else's posts,

I hope you are all excited for Christmas!!

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