18 Dec 2015

Blogmas Day 18 | Christmas Traditions!

Hello Lovelies. Welcome back to Beautiful You!

So every year there are a few things that my family love to do around Christmas time that we have been doing for years. I love hearing other people's Christmas traditions so I thought I would share with you my family's traditions!

1. A trip to London with Bryony
This has only been a tradition for the past couple of years but I am sure that we are going to keep it going for a while. Anyway, around the festive period my sister and I always book a trip to London and see a show, this year we took our trip quite early as they only tickets we could get for Elf the Musical were at the end of November. The other days that we are in London we explored Winter Wonderland, Southbank Christmas Market, The Sky Garden and then just did any other Christmassy things we wanted to do. I did write a while blog post on it so I will leave the link here for those that what to read about it.

2. Christmas Baking
My sister and I love baking and we always seem to make something around Christmas- cupcakes, biscuits, anything really. Last year I did buy some festive sprinkles so I have them to use this year but I think I want to make other treats and not just cupcakes this year. Again I am going to be writing a blog post on what we do make so keep your eyes peeled!

3. Christmas Jumpers
My whole family love the Christmas Knits and we tend to wear a lot of them throughout December, we get through the month by rotating  and swapping with each other. For the past two years it has been a tradition that everyone either wears one on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve and this year I am totally prepared. I really want to share a picture of the one I've bought but I think it would be more funny as a surprise on Christmas Eve so you'll have to wait until then.

4. New PJs
This is again something that my sister and I tend to do more than my whole family but we always buy matching Christmas PJs. We wear them on Christmas Eve so that we match when we wake up in the morning to open presents. Two years ago we had red ones with a top that had mittens attached and then last year we had Olaf pyjamas; we haven't bought our set for this year but I will let you know when we have.

5. A trip to Whitehall
As you know Whitehall Garden Centre is my family's favourite place at Christmas, they have even won awards for their Christmas displays. When I was younger we used to live near Bath and every Christmas more or less my mum would take us to see the Christmas decorations at Whitehall; I still get as excited to go now as I did back then. I have also written a blog post about my trip this year as my step-sister came with her partner and his children and we went ice skating, I will leave the link here for you if you'd like to read it.

Anyway, those are a selection of traditions that my family and I get up to around Christmas. Let me know what festive activities you get up to with your family in the comments below, maybe my family could start a new one!

I'll see you tomorrow!
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