15 Jun 2016

My 21st Birthday | The Celebrations!

Hello Lovelies. Welcome back to Beautiful You!

As you guys saw from my previous post I got a few experiences for my birthday as presents so I thought that I would share what else I did the week of my birthday to celebrate turning 21!

Obviously I had my party which was on the Sunday, my actual birthday, which I have also blogged about so I will leave a link here if you haven't seen that. Then on the Monday we had a chilled day as most of the guests were leaving, we were all tired and I knew I had a busy week the rest of the week so had some down time. In the evening we went out for a meal at the Weighbridge which is a really lovely restaurant in Swindon, they do the best food. I will just put a few picture here that were taken that evening.

Then on the Tuesday during the day we went to Bristol Zoo with a friend of ours and her daughter because we love a good a day out and she is about to have baby too! In the evening I went to spend some time with my boyfriend because he was away for my actual birthday and I didn't get to see him- he cooked me dinner though so it kinda made up for it.

On the Thursday it was time for my exciting celebrations in London! The first stop of the day was Victoria Secret because we had some time to kill and if you don't know already I am obsessed with PINK. After shopping for a while we made our way to my first present- Afternoon Tea at The Ritz! This has always been on my bucket list of things to do and whenever my sister asked me what I wanted to for my birthday this is what I told her so she did good. The food was amazing, the tea was perfect and I even got a cheeky glass of champagne; I was one happy girl. I will put a selection of photos below so you can see what it was like, I'd totally recommend going even if it is just for the experience!

After this we turned on serious shopping mode as us girls do when in London- we went to Fortnum and Mason whilst we were there and I bought the most amazing fudge and some peach tea which I have been looking for forever!! We then made our way to Covent Garden as I wanted to go into the Kate Spade shop, I did ask for a phone case for my birthday but didn't get one so I treated myself to one of course. After this we just went into Charlotte Tilbury as me and my mum wanted to get something in there too- we both ended up buying the Cheek to Chic in Ecstasy!

After shopping for a while we just had dinner at Pizza Express because we all love it, its reliable food and it was close to our last stop of the evening! That of course being the champagne flight on the London Eye, I've done the London Eye before and I can honestly say that this is the best way to do it. With the tickets you get a free drink in their priority bar before your flight, then you get champagne whilst you are on the London Eye from your own host and then you are able to go back to the bar after if you wish. I had a Peach Bellini because they are my fav and it was delicious- I will again put some pictures here so you can see what it was like.

If I hadn't had enough celebrations already we also we out with my mums best friend Maggie on the Friday night to Kenzo 72 in Swindon which is a newish restaurant and cocktail bar. I had the nicest food and a few too many glasses of champagne that evening but I would again totally recommend it if you live around the Swindon area!

Then to round of my amazing week of celebrating I just spent the weekend at my boyfriends- we went shopping on the Saturday and then had a BBQ with his family before chilling out on the Sunday before going back to work!

I honestly have had the best 21st I could have asked for and I am so grateful for everyone who made is so special. I love you all loads!

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