12 Jun 2016

My 21st Birthday | The Presents!

Hello Lovelies. Welcome back to Beautiful You!

Now I don't know about anyone else but reading posts about what people got for their birthday's or Christmas are some of my favourites so I thought that I would share what I got for my 21st with you all!

As many of you know for my sister's birthday me and my mum bought her a present for the 21 days leading up to her birthday and they decided to do the same for me so I will start off with those presents and then show you what I got on the day,

I am just going to put a small disclaimer out there and say that yes I did get spoilt but it was a big birthday and I am extremely grateful to every single person who gave me a present and made it such an amazing day!

21 Days Leading Up To My 21st:

Day 1- Pig Slippers Day 2- Doughnut Coaster Day 3- Squashies Day 4- Pencils Day 5- Photo Album
Day 6- Votive Day 7- Jelly Tots Day 8- Audi R8 Day 9- Postits Day 10- Lip Balm
Day 11- Framables Day 12- Toilet Bag Day 13- Copper Lights Day 14- Money Jar Day 15- Milkybar
Day 16- Ring Holder Day 17- Candle Day 18- Galaxy Day 19- Wish Jar Day 20- 21 Plaque

Presents I Got On My Birthday:

What I Got
- Rose Gold Apple Watch
- Afternoon Tea at The Ritz
- Champagne flight on London Eye
- Anna Saccone Gemini Necklace
- Jewellery Holder
- Voucher for High Tea
- Money
- Chocolate & sweets
- Pandora vouchers
- Soar Willow Tree Ornament
- Rose gold bracelet
- Photo frame
- Personalised wooden spoon
- Two rose gold Pandora rings
- Rose gold bracelet
- Pandora Essence bracelet and three charms
- Engraved Tiffany necklace
- Willy straws (not pictured ;))
- Smellies
- Other gift vouchers
- Stationary

So there is everything that I got for my birthday, I was thoroughly spoilt and I am truly the happiest person in the world because I had the most amazing day. I have one more post to write about my birthday so stay tuned to see that and I hope you have enjoyed reading the two so far, let me know if you did in the comments below! 

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