3 Jun 2017

New Chapter | New Blog!

Hey lovelies- welcome back to the new and improved Beautiful You!

I have wanted to upgrade my blog for so long but not having as much time as I would of liked to spend creating content, it seemed like a pointless task. But now I am in a position to get my blog back up and running and now I am able to dedicate the time to creating content that I want to be able to publish on here. 

This past year of my life has been so crazy from finishing placement, to finishing my law degree; with countless assignment, exams and the dreaded dissertation in between! However, I can now say that I have officially finished my degree and I will soon hopefully be a graduate of Bournemouth University. 

I also turned 22 this week, I spent the day with my family walking around in the rain and the mud and then waiting for food in a pub, it didn't have the best of starts. However, we ended the evening going bowling and playing arcade games so not all was lost, apart from me when I lost every game!

In other news, I have also moved in with my boyfriend Scott! We are renting a small cottage in Pewsey, a village in the west of Wiltshire, not too far from my parents or his which is lovely. I am planning on doing posts on each room in the near future, I just need to clean and get some good lighting in order to get some good photographs for you all; hopefully in the not to distant future. I absolutely love my house and living with Scott, although it still doesn't feel real sometimes after having a long distance relationship for so long.

We also celebrated our one year this week which came around very quickly, we just went down to one of our local pubs and had a lovely meal. We then took a stroll back through the 'forest' which I was not dressed for, what can I say I like to look nice. I've had the best year with him and now is the beginning of the next chapter together!

I think that is everything that I wanted to fill you guys in on and I shall be back this week with home decor before and after posts, I am even excited to see the difference because I really cannot remember what it looked like before we moved in! I hope you are all well and that you like the re-brand, if you do let me know in the comments below.

Anything new with you guys?

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