31 Jul 2017

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Having my own kitchen was one of the aspects I was most excited for when Scott and I decided to move into our house. I've always had an interest in cooking and baking, hence having my own space where I am able 'create' is such a big deal to me. I have also been collecting different items for my future kitchen for such a long time, things that I have purchased and presents from others and now I can finally start using them. It is no secret to anyone that I love copper, I think it adds so much to a room and creates a cottage feel which is what I was going for, considering we do live in a cottage!

The space is tiny, our whole house is tiny to be honest but I think we have really made the most of the space available. The general theme was copper and baby blue with hints of silver here and there to tie in the bigger appliances. Everything that you can see was bought new, mostly, as between Scott and I we didn't have a lot for the kitchen that fitted the theme!

First I will start with the left hand side and try to explain where everything was from, I am not entirely sure if you'd be able to get everything anymore but its always worth a try!

Kitchen Roll Holder - Amazon | Fruit Basket (Set of 2) - Waitrose | Pasta & Rice Jars - TKMaxx | Smeg Toaster - Leekes | Salt & Pepper Grinderws - Next Home | Knife Stand - Debenhams | Chopping Board - Aldi

Now for the right hand side of the hob and our sink area, the size of our sink is ridiculously small for our kitchen but luckily we do have a dishwasher!

Utensil Holder - Home Sense | Toast Tongs - Lakeland | Smeg Kettle - Leekes | Tea, Coffee & Sugar Jars - Asda | Chopping Boards - Joseph Joseph | Dish Drainer - Next Home | Sink Caddy - Tesco | Watering Can - Asda

I'm honestly in love with the space, considering we are renting and aren't able to change the actual kitchen, and it works really well. My favourite pieces definitely have to be our new Smeg kettle and toaster which I was kindly given for my birthday from my family. Not only do they fit so well, but they make the perfect cup of tea and the perfect piece of toast. I know the price tag is daunting but they are totally worth the money!

What is your favourite part of the kitchen? Also leave me your favourite recipes as I would love to try something new!

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