4 Aug 2017

HOME | Living Room Tour!

Having a cosy space to chill out, watch Netflix and eat dinner in (we don't have a dining room or a table *sob*) was a must when we moved into our house. Luckily, Scott already had two sofas which, although they aren't necessarily 'Instagram worthy' they do the job for now whilst we can't afford to replace them. We also had a lot of the big furniture pieces like the TV, a side table and a coffee table so there wasn't too much that we needed to buy for this area which was perfect!

Just like my previous post I will show you around the room and tell you where everything is from the best I can, as we brought most of the furniture with us I don't know exactly where it is from but I know there is a range similar called The Corona Collection in The Range if you like it!

Ted Baker Candle - Boots | Post Rack - Next Home | Elephant - Portugal | Willow Tree Figure - Present but can buy on Amazon | Copper Candle - Card Factory | Cushions - IKEA | TV Unit - Second hand but there is a similar if you click the link above

Two disclaimers that I feel I need to make before I carry on. One, Scott bought me these flowers for our anniversary and they are the most beautiful flowers I've ever received and two, yes there is a lot of copper, just excuse me!

Tall Candle Sticks - Elveden Farm Shop | Geometric Jars - Card Factory | Tea Light Holders - New Look | Quote Frames - Card Factory | Clip Frame - New Look | Star Light - IKEA | £2 Jar - Clinton Cards | Wish Jar - Clintons | Vase - IKEA | Copper Jar - Dunhelm | Lightbox - Amazon | Date Cubes - Next Home | Candles - Yankee Candle

This part of the lounge isn't decorated as much because it's just somewhere to sit and I haven't got around to making it homely, I really want to get a floor lamp for the corner as there isn't much light here either. Anyway, I will still explain where everything was from.

Rug - IKEA | Blue Cushions - Dunhelm | Grey Cushion - IKEA |  Blanket - Homebase | Frame - IKEA | Coasters - Card Factory

And there you have it, our teeny tiny lounge! With that being said I love it, it is so cosy and warm and I love sitting down here to watch TV or just chill out. What's your favourite room in your house?


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